Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

Fluid Bed Dryer Bag

Fluid Bed Dryers are key pieces of equipment for processing food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and additives. Shaffer has over 60 years of experience fabricating fluid bed dryer bags of every size and shape.

All patterns, shapes and features of the bags are stored in computers and guide the laser cutting and marking equipment to produce identical bags on every re-order. All seams are lock-stitched for strength and durability and they can be seam sealed to prevent leakage of fine particles.

Fluid Bed Screen Cloth Bonnet

Customers can choose from a variety of static conductive fabrics spanning from high flow screen cloths with retention of 1000 micron or more to fabrics with retention at submicron levels. The latter employ an expanded PTFE surface treatment that can capture particles down to 0.25 micron with no impact on throughput. The outstanding conductivity remains unaffected by the surface treatment. Additionally the treatment produces a slick hydrophobic surface that releases the dust and prevents chemical attack.

Available only from Shaffer, this product ensures complete particle retention, essential in developing reliable asseys in R&D stage, and prevents loss of expensive products in routine production runs.