Centrifuge Bags and Liners

Nutsche Bag and Liner

Centrifuges are key pieces of equipment in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries for separation of solids from liquid streams, dewatering or clarifying. Using laser guided equipment for cutting and marking, Shaffer meets the challenge of producing perfect fitting bags and liners that can be produced to the same dimensions on every order.

Shaffer offers a wide range of bags and liners in polypropylene and polyester for ambient processing and in PPS and Teflon for high temperature applications. Performance features of these fabrics are listed in the Temperature and Chemical Resistance Charts. These fabrics are available in a variety of weights, construction and finishes, including expanded PTFE surface treatment that takes the retention up to submicron levels.

Centrifuge Bag and Liner

Shaffer's centrifuge liners are also available in dual-lock construction that eliminates the need for steel expansion rings to secure the liner to the body. This innovative design by Shaffer eliminates the time consuming process of ring installation providing tremendous savings in labor cost and equipment turn-around.